Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dan's Plan for the Short Story Challenge

Thanks to Kate for such a great idea - I can't even imagine how many stories, journals, and/or books I'm going to want to rush out and find after reading about them here this year!

At my own blog, I've already posted about what 2008 titles to be published that I'm excited about, and in looking back, there are many story collections in that group:

Marshall Klimasewiski - Tyrants
Elizabeth Crane - You Must Be This Happy to Enter
Lise Erdich - Night Train
Donald Ray Pollack - Knockemstiff
Kevin Sampsell - Creamy Bullets
Arlene Sanders - Tiger Burning Bright
Ruben Fonseca (tr. by Clifford Landers) - The Taker and Other Stories
as well as four of five chapbooks

As a publisher, I plan on being at least semi-responsible for getting story collections into the world:

Yannick Murphy - In a Bear's Eye
Kyle Minor - In the Devil's Territory
Various - Best of the Web 2008
plus collections through OV Books by Allison Amend, and through Black Lawrence Press by Jo Neace Krause and Norman Waksler

And a short story anthology that I edited, Visiting Hours, will be published in the fall by Press 53.

I also plan on continuing to enjoy the month of May as Short Story Month, as it was last year at the EWN blog - looking at an individual story or two each day (the month began last year with plans to look at both a story from a collection, and one from a literary journal each day - by month end I was down to picking one or the other).


TitaniaWrites said...

Dan - a fascinating list. Thanks so much for mentioning Ruben Fonseca, I was just reading about him in BOMB magazine and wondering if any of his collections were translated. I will find that one forthwith!


Dan Wickett said...

It's going to be published by Open Letter Press (Chad Post's new venture) later this year, I believe in November. I've actually been looking for a copy of that BOMB since hearing he had a story in it!

Anonymous said...

Will the Kyle Minor book have the story "The Truth and all it's ugly" from Sureal South?

TitaniaWrites said...

Thanks for letting me know, Dan, I will keep a look out for it and get a review copy for The Short review. Ah, the perks of being an editor!