Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Agatha Christie
Genre: Short Story
Published: 1932/1985 Collection
Personal Rating: 3.75/5
(SS) Yearly Count: 2

The Tuesday Night Club is one of thirteen stories from The Tuesday Night Murders. The five visitors in Miss Marple's home declare themselves a "Club". They are to meet every Tuesday and "each member in turn has to propound a problem. Some mystery of which they have personal knowledge, and to which, of course, they know the answer." The first up is Sir Henry Clithering, former Commissioner of Scotland Yard. He shares a true drama.

For no particular reason, Agatha Christie has eluded me until now. This short story with Miss Marple as the lead character was my first introduction to her and I was rather pleased. I'm fairly certain the next twelve stories are the tales that the other members bring to the table. I will definitely continue with this collection and seek out other work by the ever-so-popular Agatha Christie. Any suggestions?

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